The Mission of the Parent Teacher Association

To support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children; To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children; To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.


The Purposes of the Parent Teacher Association

• To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship.
• To raise the standards of home life.
• To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
• To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.
• To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.

PTA Membership
Membership is open to anyone who believes in the Mission and Purposes of National Parent Teacher Association. Individual members may belong to any number of PTAs and pay dues in each. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both the state and National PTAs.


Zarrow PTA: Meeting Information

PTA board meetings are generally held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Board meetings are open to general membership, however, only board members may discuss and vote on issues. Please click on the Meeting Schedule tab for a complete list of dates.

General PTA meetings are held on the second Tuesday in Sept., Nov., Jan., Feb., April and May at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. Please note: General membership meetings are not held every month. Click on the Meeting Schedule tab for a complete list of dates. 


PTA Terms

• Plans of Work (POW) – a document outlining a program, event, fundraiser, etc. including the income and expense for that item. Each line item in the budget is covered by a POW.
• Bylaws – document outlining the procedures that the PTA operates under including: purpose, nominations of officers and their duties, relationship with state and national PTA, etc. The Bylaws must be reviewed and submitted to the state PTA every 3 years.
• Standing Rules – document used to implement and interpret the Bylaws. Include dates of all planned meetings, budget approval timing, PTA finance information, etc. These are reviewed yearly and approved at the first general meeting of the year.

PTA Process
• February – a nominating committee is formed to nominate interested volunteers for our officer positions to serve the following school year. These officer positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
• April – voting meeting where we elect our officers for the next school year
• Budget year runs from July 1 through June 30th
• April-May – The elected officers of this PTA shall select the chairs of the standing committees. These committees include Ways and Means, Hospitality, Communications, Volunteer Coordinator, Programs and Membership. Committee chairpersons then work to find volunteers to serve on the various committees that fall underneath these major areas.
• June - At budget year end on June 30th, an audit is conducted by committee to finalize the finances for the new Board. Each year’s budget includes an allowance for operating expenses for summer and back-to-school.
• June-Aug – The Board meets several times to start the planning process for the upcoming school year. A document called a Plan of Work (POW) must be completed and approved for every line item in the budget.
• July - The state PTA convention offers training and legislative updates.
• August - A final budget is approved by the Board and then presented at the first General PTA Meeting of the year.
• The budget will serve as the outline for programs, goals for income and guidelines for expense throughout the year. According to the current Zarrow PTA Bylaws, the Board can approve a $500 change but anything over $500 must be approved by the membership.


PTA Programs at Zarrow

Teacher Delegate: Our teacher representative is responsible for maintaining an open line of communication between the PTA and ZIS Staff.

Membership: Membership is $6.00 per individual member. A portion of the dues stays with the Zarrow PTA. State and national portions are also covered when you purchase your membership.  All moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers and staff are encouraged to join the PTA.

Instructional Funds: Each full-time teacher, principal and counselor is given a $300 fund, and each part-time teacher and nurse is given a $150 fund. These funds are for supplementing classroom supplies or instructional material. Receipts can be presented for reimbursement or the PTA will pay an invoice or PO directly.

Field Trips: Each class is allocated $500 to assist with field trip expenses.

Special Projects: Each year, ideas are presented by the principal, staff and parents for sponsorship by the PTA. In the past, these have included the Walking Track, SmartBoards and Laptops, the school display sign, playground equipment, new music equipment and a new sound system.

Teacher Training: The PTA offers funds each year to supplement teacher training.

General Support: The PTA currently pays for the copier maintenance on the copier in the office.


• Parental Involvement/Programs: Provide special interest programs for parents during the school year.
• Children Programs/childcare: Provide special programs for children and childcare during meetings and parent programs.
• The National PTA Reflections Program: This is a voluntary program for children to participate and focus on the following categories: literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.
• Reading Enrichment: Reading enrichment is a program to encourage and track reading progress for students during the school year.



• Home & Back Facilitator: The facilitator is responsible for preparing all information to be included in the Friday Home and Back folders. The folders are sent home in each child’s backpack on Thursdays containing key information for parents.
• Yearbook: The annual yearbook provides a lasting memory for those who attend and work at Zarrow International School. The PTA is providing one free yearbook per child.
• School Directory: The directory is a very useful tool that includes contact information, ZIS staff, class lists and advertisements. The directory is updated and produced annually. Each student will receive a free directory. Additional directories are available for purchase.  
• Website: With the help of the school’s webmaster, we regularly update the PTA pages/tabs to provide you with the most current information.


Ways & Means

• Fundraisers: Our popular fall fundraisers have included beef sticks, cookbooks, and a Read-a-thon. The spring fundraiser is the much anticipated Viva Zarrow dinner and auction.
• Retail Programs: Our school has the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money through retail programs such as Box Tops for Education, Tyson A+ Project, Lands End School Uniform 3% cash back program and French Toast School Uniforms 5% cash back program.
• Family Skate Night: Skate Night occurs on the fourth Monday of each month at Skateland, 1150 S. Sheridan from 6 – 8pm.
• School Spirit: The PTA sells school spirit items before most general PTA meetings and at most PTA sponsored events. Click on the Spirit Wear tab for more details.  
• School Supplies – Provides a service to parents to pre-order school supplies in May for delivery directly to school.



• Kinder Welcome Wagon: Meet & Greet/Fashion Show, Welcome Picnic and Kindergarten Tours
• PTA Meetings: Organize refreshments and/or socials including food for our general meetings.
• Celebrations: Teacher Appreciation Week, Secretary’s Day, Dad’s & Donuts, Mom’s & Muffins, Grandparent’s Day, PTA Socials, and The Last Day of School Celebration.
• Recognition: Teacher Appreciation, Welcome Back Teacher Luncheon, Parent/Teacher Conference Dinners, Awards, Gifts, etc…
• Volunteer Coordinator: Coordinate Homeroom Parents for each class to assist the teachers and PTA throughout the year. A TPS Volunteer form must be completed for these hours to count.



Q. Where are the mailboxes for PTA Board Members?

A. In the teacher Workroom by Sra Williams' room.

Q. If I have an idea that I think the PTA should consider, what should I do?

A. Try to identify which area your idea might pertain to and contact that Board Member. When in doubt email a PTA Board Member. Click on the PTA Board tab for a list of emails.

Q. Can anyone attend the Board Meetings?

A. Yes, everyone is welcome.

Q. Where can I get information if I miss a meeting?

A. The minutes of the meeting are available for review in the main office and on the ZIS PTA yahoo group.

Q. How can I help?

A. Email a Board Member and let them know what area you are interested in! Volunteer opportunities will be communicated throughout the year.


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