Pre-K Uniforms

The uniform requirement is a clear expectation for all students enrolled at Zarrow. Please read the following official guidelines for school uniforms carefully:

1. Uniforms are required for all Zarrow students every school day.
2. These are the only choices for students:
• Zarrow shirt colors in the knit polo style are specific shades of: light blue, purple, (see approved shades in office) and white.
• Spirit Item T-shirts with the Zarrow Logo purchased through PTA in light blue, purple and white.
• Peter-Pan collared shirts for girls in white may be worn with jumpers only!
• Sweatshirts may be navy blue or purple.
• If an undershirt is worn under the uniform shirt, it must be white.
• Plain, Pants in khaki; khaki shorts or skorts, capris, and khaki jumpers. No cargo type pants.
• Tights or leggings – white or navy

• Gym shorts need to be worn under jumpers and skirts.

Polo Dresses (girls only)
• Light blue or dark purple
• Shorts underneath
• Modest length

• All shoes must have a back. (No flip flop type or boots) Tennis shoes with Velcro are highly recommended so we can protect their little feet and they can play safely.
• Navy blue jackets, fleece vests, V-neck sweater vests, navy cardigans


• Socks should be white

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