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Zarrow host Book Character parade in honor of Read Across America Day

Henry Zarrow International school students and faculty brought some of their favorite storybook characters to life in honor of Read Across America Day.

The school hosted a parade for students and teachers encouraging them to dress as their favorite book characters. Librarian Melissa Hicks said the parade is meant to grasp students' attention and interest and motivate them to read more.

"I believe reading is the foundation for all other learning. Allowing students to come to school dressed as a character from any book they've read adds another level of excitement and engagement for students," she said.

The parade also gave students an opportunity to see the variety of reading material available and to trigger their interest into different genres.

"I like dressing up and I like reading," second-grader Jeremy Savitz said. "When you read it takes you on a magical adventure. It's like you're watching it but you aren't in any danger, but it's really fun and it blows your mind!"

After the parade, there was a book fair in the library where students presented their character and gave them a chance to talk with other students about books they like to read.

"Reading is important to me because it lets me learn new words and shows me this actually could have happened. It's super exciting and you want to find more books about that topic to see if there are any similarities between the people," fifth-grader Helen Maxwell said.

Read Across America Day is sponsored by the National Education Association and takes place annually on March 2nd, which is also Dr. Seuss's birthday.

For more photos please visit the Zarrow library page