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Immersion | Multilingual Literacy Program

Students are immersed in the target language 90% of their instructional time from Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Over time, instruction in English is gradually added, and students are learning 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in the target language by 5th grade.

The Spanish immersion program is available for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Multilingual programs strengthen and sustain students’ connections to their culture and heritage - it is available for students of all languages and cultures.

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Magnet School Application Information

Los estudiantes están inmersos en el idioma meta el 90% de su tiempo de enseñanza desde prekínder hasta el 2do grado.

Con el tiempo, la enseñanza en inglés se agrega gradualmente y los estudiantes pasan a aprender el 50% del tiempo en inglés y el 50% del tiempo en el idioma meta hasta el 5to grado.

El programa de inmersión en español está disponible para estudiantes de prekínder a 5to grado.

Los programas multilingües fortalecen y mantienen las conexiones de los estudiantes con su cultura y herencia; están disponibles para estudiantes de todos los idiomas y culturas. 

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Exchange Program

The culmination of a student’s years at Zarrow...

...end with the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and Costa Rica in the fall of their 5th grade year. Two programs have been developed to offer Spanish immersion exchanges for eight weeks in Madrid, Spain or four weeks in San José, Costa Rica. Selected students will undergo twelve weeks of “Ambassador Training” sessions to prepare them culturally and emotionally to go abroad. Students return home from the exchanges with new cultural knowledge, a deeper grasp of the Spanish language, and as more globalized citizens.

Zarrow offers the same exchange opportunities to those coming from the same countries!

Exchange Information