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Zarrow is a school of choice, and the uniform requirement is a clear expectation for all students enrolled at Zarrow. Uniforms are required for all Zarrow students every school day and the uniform policy will be closely monitored.

All students are expected to follow the Zarrow uniform code. Should a student arrive at school out of uniform, these procedures will be followed:

  • The student will be reminded (in private) of the dress code and the parent/guardian will be made aware of what must be corrected.
  • In the event uniform infractions become a pattern, a parent conference will be required.

Please read the following official guidelines for school uniforms carefully.

If you would like to see an example of the appropriate attire/colors, please check with the office staff.

click here for uniform examples

Zarrow Uniform Exchange

Zarrow has a monthly free uniform exchange.

Please see the Zarrow counselor for confidential economic assistance, if needed.