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Zarrow is a school of choice, and the uniform requirement is a clear expectation for all students enrolled at Zarrow. Please read the following official guidelines for school uniforms carefully. Uniforms are required for all Zarrow students every school day and the uniform policy will be closely monitored. If you would like to see an example of the appropriate attire/colors, please check with the office staff.

These are the only choices for students:


purple shirt
  • Zarrow shirt colors in the knit polo style are specific shades of: light blue, dark purple, and white with embroidered Zarrow logo or patch.
  • Spirit Item T-shirts with the Zarrow Logo purchased through PTA in light blue, dark purple and white.
  • All shirts must be tucked in.
  • Sweatshirts with school logo/patch may be navy blue or purple. No Hoodies
  • If an undershirt is worn under the uniform shirt, it must be white, gray or navy.
  • Camisoles or undershirt may be needed under some shirts.


example of khaki shorts
  • Khaki Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, capris, and jumpers. No cargo type pants. Skorts, skirts (shorts underneath) and jumpers (shorts underneath) should be of modest length (as specified in TPS policy).
  • Tights or leggings – white or navy
  • Gym shorts need to be worn under jumpers and skirts.
  • Belts worn if pants have belt loops.  Belts are optional for kinder students.

polo dresses/jumpers

Shoes & socks

  • All shoes must have a back and must be closed-toe. Not allowed: flip flops, boots, Crocs, sandals. These can not only pose a safety hazard for your child while at school but it poses a potential safety hazard for others too. The students must be able to run and exercise with their shoes. Non-marking soles only, we have white tiled floors and we spend extra time cleaning them,  the black marks that black-soled shoes leave on the floors take extra cleaning time that can be used in the classrooms and bathrooms.
  • Socks should be white


  • Navy blue jackets, fleece vests, V-neck sweater vests, navy or dark purple cardigans
  • A left-Chest embroidered logo or logo patch must be visible at all times, including on the outerwear. Patches must be sewn on, not pinned.
  • A logo or patch is not required on outwear worn to/from school or on the playground


Brownies, Girl Scouts, Daisies and Boy Scouts may wear uniform vests or shirts only on their designated meeting days. These are not considered Zarrow uniform attire. In the event of performances or pictures, only Zarrow uniform shirts will be considered appropriate. Approved Zarrow uniform bottoms may be worn with Brownie, Girl/Boy Scouts or Daisies uniform tops.

Zarrow School colors must be worn during performances whether the performance is at Zarrow or another location. This would include a light blue or purple collared shirt with plain khaki pants or plain khaki skort/skirt, unless specified otherwise.

Your help and support of the Uniform Policy is important and appreciated! Please share this information with your child and plan to support this policy on a daily basis. If your family needs help with school uniforms due to a financial hardship situation, please contact our school counselor, Sra. Lobaugh, so she can provide confidential assistance.

The following retail stores carry school approved uniform pieces: Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Target, Academy Sports and C & J uniforms. You may also order uniform pieces from the Land’s End and French Toast catalogs. 

You may purchase the Zarrow patches through the PTA. Please contact the PTA for more information.  

Unusual Circumstances: If any unusual situation relative to dress, accessories, or grooming arises which is not specifically covered in this policy, the building administrator shall have the authority to rule on the appropriateness of the attire.

Accessories​ & headwear

Headscarves, bandanas, feathers, etc. are not permitted. Unusually colored hair that would pose a distraction to the learning environment is not permitted 

Spirit days every Friday

On Fridays, students may wear Team Zarrow tops, Race Series shirts, and any Zarrow shirt designed for a special school event (field trip shirts for kinder, 10 year anniversary shirt). Race shirts may be worn the last schools day before the race unless otherwise announced.