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opportunities for our students! 

group of students waiting to board their plane to Costa Rica with our exchange program!

Immersion Program

group of students performing during a cultural event at Zarrow!

Allowing our children to be immersed into a dual language classroom for the first few years of their educational experience.  This doubles as a way to divulge culture and live it with all the events that take place throughout each year for every grade level.

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With our immersion program academically, we have our annual cultural fair along with many assemblies for the different grade levels with dance performances and music that follow along with lessons learned in the classroom.

Exchange Program

This is a wonderful opportunity partnered with our Zarrow Foundation to offer our students a different way of learning 'all around'!  We host children with our Zarrow families from Spain and Costa Rica and in turn send a group of ours to their countries.

Exchange Program


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Cultural Diversity!

 Earth Day

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Zarrow International
3613 South Hudson Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74135


Events & Activities

Along with celebrating Earth Day we have...

  • An annual Cultural Fair
  • Cultural Assemblies


Exchange Video