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Welcome to Casvi!

The culmination of a student’s years at Zarrow end with the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and Costa Rica in the fall of their 5th grade year. Two programs have been developed to offer Spanish immersion exchanges for eight weeks in Madrid, Spain or four weeks in San José, Costa Rica. Selected students will undergo twelve weeks of “Ambassador Training” sessions to prepare them culturally and emotionally to go abroad. Students return home from the exchanges with new cultural knowledge, a deeper grasp of the Spanish language, and as more globalized citizens.

In Spain...

...students study at Eurocolegio Casvi (, located just outside Madrid. Casvi is a private school with two campuses, one in Boadilla del Monte and the other in Castillo de Villaviciosa. Each campus is home to over 1,200 students from Pre-K to Seniors in High School. They enroll as students at Casvi and live the life of a typical Spanish student. El Prado, Palacio Real, and City Hall are just a few examples of the many places the students will visit on field trips.

In Costa Rica...

...students study at Colegio Yurusti (, located just north of San José in Heredia. Yurusti is an ecologically friendly school and in addition to regular lessons, the students learn about sustainable farming and recycling practices. The students visit places such as volcanoes, coffee plantations, and rain forests on weekly field trips.