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Fine Arts

culture is who we are!

Along with dance and music we offer our students a wide variety of opportunities to incorporate their art into an event or show during one of our many cultural events at Zarrow.

ZIS Festival

Our teachers and staff come from over 13 Spanish-speaking countries that make up some of our culture here at Zarrow Inernational!
With this comes different types of Native Tongue, Food, Dance and Art!

cultural fair

An annual fair hosted at Zarrow includes booths on 'how to's' teaching native games and dialects.  We offer different types of prepared foods along with an assembly including our cultural festival event.


Diana Santiogo won our school Teacher of the Year Award!  She is best known for her charcoal, clay and self portrait work with our students! 

She incorporates each activity based on the lesson plans that correlate with what is happening in each grade level classroom.

At Zarrow we collaborate with our PTA organization to participate in the Reflections contest. Check out more information...


Zarrow Students head to Zarrow Arts Center 

Zarrow News Video


Clay Parkhurst brings an amazing opportunity to our students offering instruments and dance to be incorporated with his music class!  He is always reaching for the next level and pushes our Zarrow community to enhance the performances to their finest. 

We offer music to every grade level and annually perform a program.  These programs include dance and instruments, which especially spark interest in our higher grade levels.